They Live Forever In Your Heart

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so--- `twas Heaven here with you."
- Isla Paschal Richardson

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Meeting Again At The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.  All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together!

In Loving Memory of Charlie O"Neill


Just one of the many she loved throughout her lifetime.




Beloved Shelter Resident and Friend  12/20/2014 until 03/31/2015                                           


With a heavy heart, we wanted to share with our friends that Ben has crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. He became ill yesterday morning with what appeared to be an upper respiratory infection and sadly he took a turn for the worse overnight; the difficult decision was made to euthanize Ben this morning. He passed away in his favorite bed and surrounded by those who were closest to him. It is a very sad day at the shelter he will be greatly missed as he touched the hearts of so many. He will be privately cremated and his ashes will be kept at the shelter a place he called home.

We want to thank all of you for the kindness you have shown Ben in the 102 days he called ADOPT his home. We rescued Ben with the hope of making his last days the happiest days of his life, and all of you who showered him with love (and bones and hot dogs!) made that possible.


Salem came into our family in Mayof 2003.  He was a rescue from the Dalmation Plantation in Steger, IL.  He was found wandering along the road in Salem, IN and thought to be about a year old at that time.  In his picture online, he had one ear all bandaged up from being in a fight with another dog, but we still fell in love with his sweet face! My mom and dad adopted him the day they met him.  My kids were 4 and 7 years old at the time and he bonded with them immediately.  He loved going on long walks with my dad and "sharing" in any meals or snacks that were around.  If someone didn't share, Salem just usually helped himself!  He loved going for rides in the car too, especially to the bank or for fast food as he usually got a treat too!  He was a creature of habit and it seemed like he could tell time because at 7pm every night he would bark for his Kong ball!  Sadly in 2008, my dad passed away and Salem was a comfort during this difficult time.  Salem enjoyed spending time with my dog Johan (from ADOPT) and that is saying alot becasue Johan hates all other dogs!!  In the last few years, Salem spent alot of time in Chippewa Falls, WI where I now live.  He enjoyed "meeting" the deer in my backyard and the long car trips.  We all still feel his presence and know that he is in Heaven with my Dad now and has no ore pain and can run freely again! We love you Salem!  Thanks for 13 plus years!


Gracie Allen Pikey Anthony

The day we met Gracie at A.D.O.P.T., I knew she was special.  When she rolled tummy up, and looked at us , with head upside down, my husband was won over.  She was full of energy and curiosity.  She was a very good girl, never destructive or mean spirited.

She loved sitting on one of her perches by the window watching squirrels, birds and all the neighborhood happenings.  Seeing bunnies were her favorite, although rare in our area.  She'd run to the window when the mailman or garbage pick-up came by.  Although she didn't like to go ut of her house, she loved to watch outside.

She also enjoyed playing "kitty chess" with my husband.  They would take turns rolling rubber balls inside a box covered in round holes.  Gracie took this game seriously, and she studied carefully before making a move.  Gracie and I would lie in bed, napping, and watching foreign films on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  She was ok with any film I choose.

She was my little helper with laundry.  She'd knead and lie upon the clothes, and I folded.  Gracie was an excellent supervisor when we'd decorate the house.  She'd greet us at the door when we got home and meow a complaint when we were late sometimes.

Red was her favorite color, and she loved napping on her red fleecy blanket.  She also enjoyed relaxing in copy paper box lids, shunning the fancy kitty beds.  Sorting paperwork and playing with ribbons were some favorite pass times.  Josh Groban music made her relaxed and content.

One of the ways she showed love was to wrap her little paws around my arm, and rest her sweet head upon my wrist.  Then close her eyes and nap that way.  She had the softest fur and always kept herself tidy and well groomed.  Hugging her, and feeling her soft, warm fur could melt away the stresses of life.

We take comfort in knowing that our little Gracie is waiting for us at the rainbow bridge.  We thank God for the ten years we shared with her.  We are grateful to A.D.O.P.T. for bringing her into our lives.

Jamie and Mike Anthony



Pepper was three years old when I brought her home from A.D.O.P.T.. She was a shy girl but we bonded instantly and she soon came out of her shell and won everyone over with her sweet, affectionate and quirky personality.  I will treasue the eight years we had together and remember fondly those long walks we enjoyed where she could explore, chase after butterflies and "play" with frogs.  I will always be grateful for the time we had together. Rest in peace my sweet little girl.

Lisa Krenz




Shelby joined our family in 1999 as a twelve week old ball of fluff and fun.  Our daughter, Amy, selected Shelby from the last two puppies in the litter.  She became the "sister" our daughter never had-friend, playmate, and confidante.  One of Shelby's favorite activities was waking Amy up in the morning.  She would wait for the signal that it was time to rouse the sleeping teenager by jumping on the bed and pouncing on her pal.  As parents, we never had to face the formidable task of waking a grumpy teen because Shelby took on that job.  And even a teen could not be grumpy with the adorable fur-ball who woke her with kisses, barks, and requests for playtime.

Shelby had a wonderful ability to sense what we needed from her and when.  She would play when we needed to laugh, cuddle when we needed to unwind, listen when we needed to vent, and love when we needed to cry.  One of our close family members had a stroke which resulted in losing the use of her arm.  Shelby would lick that arm again and again-she knew something was wrong and did her best to fix it.  She saw another family member through a tough illiness-staying by her side every day for many months.  If you can have a pet soulmate, Shelby was it.

We cannot begin to list all of the good memories of Shelby.  Saying "Starbucks" and seeing her dash for the car in hopes of a puppuccino.  Saying "Princess" and having her roll over for a tummy rub.  Saying "Hide" and laughing as she covered her face with her paw.

We were so lucky to have Shelby as a family member for almost 16 years.  We all have such fond memories of our time together.  When Shelby was 12, we brought home Roxie, another Shih Tzu from A.D.O.P.T.  While they never quite became best friends, they were companions.  Today we are especially thankful for Roxie as we transition to being a single dog family.


Paul, Linda and Amy Sneed / Gilbert Nary and Elizabeth Kerr





Louie Dickinson

Louie was adopted by Jeff and Sharon a few years ago.  Louie struggled with terrible fears from earlier abuse.  Although he was never fully able to overcome his fears, he was loved and cherished in his new home.  He      experienced love and caring in a way he never had before. He returned that love to Jeff and Sharon and is greatly missed by his family.

In Loving Memory of Pepsi

Pepsi was the beloved dog of the Colgero family for 15 years.

She was loved by everyone who met her.

In Loving  Memory of Tuffy

We adopted Tuffy in 2008 after seeing his story on your website.  When we came to the shelter to meet him for the first time and heard his story it broke our hearts.  Tuffy was 8 years old and had been severly abused by a previous owner.  In addition to th physical damage, he was very defensive and a "biter".  Although he was close to being placed with a family on several occasions, no one was willing to make the commitment to give him a permanent home.  Tuffy's story made us angry, sad and determined to help him.  He wasn't the typical dog that most people consider when they want to adopt.  However, he was housebroken and since we do not have children we knew we could deal with his behavioral issues.  What we didn't realize at the time was just how dramatic his behavior would change over time.  Getting there was not easy-it required a lot of patience, personal sacrifice and a little pain management.  We learned how to avoid the triggers that made him defensive, and in return he became a loyal companion who was the perfect lap dog.  When we reflect on Tuffy's life and our decision to adopt him, our biggest regret is that we did not meet him earlier in life.  We wonder how things would be different if we had the chance to work with him as a puppy and prevent the pain and suffering he experienced early on.  I firmly believe in the adage"there are no bad dogs-just bad owners", and Tuffy proved with the right level of commitment, even a troubled dog on a discount web page is capable of becoming the perfect companion.

Michael Wadycki and Karen Eskew

In Loving Memory of Augie

Augie was my faithful friend and companion for 9 1/2 years.  A sweeter dog you'd never find.  He was the love of my life!  He was kind and gentle and was my protective shadow wherever I went.  I miss him dearly.  Thanks to Linda and Garry for making a donation in his name!


In Loving Memory of Veronica

October 14, 1999 – January 28, 2014


From the minute we rescued our little Veronica until her last moments with us, she brought nothing but joy and love into our lives.  It wasn’t always easy.  Our first little doggie, Bette, was not too welcoming.  But as the days passed, they became sisters and Bette taught Ronnie where to find the food bowls, how to jump on the couch, how to snuggle under the covers in bed, how to use the puppy door and most importantly how to get dad to take them on walks and throw the ball.  Bette became fiercely protective of Ronnie over the years and protected her from everything.  And as all good rat terriers do, Ronnie became very adept at hunting down mice and keeping our yard and house rodent free.

Ronnie made our family complete.  She had a big heart matched only by her big smile.  She was a loving little girl that found joy in the simple things and was always there for all of us and especially so for Bette during her last days.

We were truly blessed to have had two of the best dogs ever!  We can never replace Ronnie and the love we have for her, but we will always remember how much fun, comfort and love she shared with us.  She will forever be our little girl.  We find solace in the belief that she has been reunited with Bette and they are once again sharing each other’s company. We will always love you both.

Vicki Ponzo and Les Willerth

In Loving Memory of Lorri Agin & Ricky

From the entire Agin Family, and many friends!  2013

Lorri Agin and Ricky

In Loving Memory of Buster Praisner

September, 1999 – November 9, 2012

While we were walking our dogs in Ithaca, NY a dog followed us to our daughter’s house.  The owner of the dog couldn’t be found and we named him Buster.  Buster did not have any pads on his feet from running and being a stray.  The vet told us Buster had a BB in by his neck, a stiff back leg where thinks he was hit by a car and he thought Buster was one to two years old.  Buster stayed in Ithaca till Thanksgiving then found his loving home in Caldwell, NJ.  Buster moved in with Lady a Siberian Husky, it turned out that they were best friends.  Buster was so gentle when you gave him treats you barely knew he took the treat, he loved to go on long walks and car rides.  Buster was the dog that came to dinner and stayed, his owners loved him so much.  Everyone that Buster met was amazed how gentle he was.

In Buster’s golden years he met Dr. Fedina (Veterinary Medical Center of Caldwell) who always was there for his senior health issues of a stiff back leg, ear issues.  We were so lucky to have Buster be a part of our family.

Buster, you are missed.  Your paw prints will remain forever in our hearts.


Your paw prints are etched in our hearts

The Praisner Family

A Tribute to “Lucky” Louie Praisner our German Shepherd

June 1, 2005

By Merlin and Totes Praisner
(Cat)     (Toy Poodle)

We are writing this in loving memory of Louie, our story beings in 1997 when Louie came into our house. Our owner was volunteering at A.D.O.P.T. (Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment) and Louie was rescued from Joliet Animal Control. At A.D.O.P.T. when she saw him, she knew he was the dog, she wanted to foster and after a few weeks we knew that Louie found his forever home. When he came into the house his name was “Czar”, he did not know his name, how to play or much of anything. We found out he was crated trained, house broken and seemed nice. We thought “Oh what are we going to do with this big dog, how would we all get along”. Louie fit right in with Totes and I. It was like we all had been together from the beginning of our lives.

First we had to change “Czar’s” name we wanted to call him Fraser but he would not answer to that. We found out the name had to have an IE on the end. Our owner was at her family’s house, they were playing cards, her Mom said Lucky Louie and that was his forever name. We felt bad for Louie because he did not know how to play or walking on a leash. We had so much to teach him. Totes taught him about playing, fetching balls and squeaker toys. Next on the list was walking on a leash. Our owner joined Topline German Shepherd Club of Illinois, where German Shepherds are taught the things they need to do in the show ring. All the people and German Shepherds were very nice. Louie learned how to heel, sit-stay, down-stay, figure eights and many other commands. These were fun because we got to practice them in the backyard. We would go to Topline’s Halloween party dressed in costumes and have fun. Merlin would get Louie in trouble by meowing loud and our owner would think Louie was being rough with him, but it was Merlin boxing with Louie. When Merlin got tired he would snuggle with Louie. Louie was our protector.

We love you Louie, you are forever in our hearts. 


In Loving Memory of Merlin Praisner

August 1994 – June 7, 2011


Merlin was a magical cat who lived in a household of dogs and was Top Cat. Our owner would foster dogs and Merlin never had any issues with the foster dogs, he was king of our household. Merlin was the reason our owner volunteered with A.D.O.P.T. Merlin was loving to our owner, a German Shepherd dog, and myself (a Toy Poodle). In September of 2002 Merlin was diagnosis with diabetes; we did not know what that meant. But we learned a great deal from Dr. Angie Kovalick of Countryside Veterinary Clinic, Yorkville, Illinois about living with diabetes. Merlin received two insulin shots per day and always had to nibble on his food so his sugar level would stay normal. Merlin would sometimes get me and the GSD (from A.D.O.P.T. also) into trouble, he would be meowing and our owner would think we were picking on Merlin. It was Merlin who was picking on us and using his front paws to box with us. Merlin’s favorite thing to do was get in the bathtub and drink fresh water from the facet. Also, Merlin loved to sit under the Christmas tree during the holidays. In 2006 we had to move to New Jersey and Merlin was so calm with moving into a new house with a new dog and adjusted well. Merlin and I went to a new vet, Dr. Fedina of VMC, Caldwell, New Jersey, that was wonderful with us and taught our owner more about diabetes and the health issues related to diabetes. When our owner would open a can of tuna fish Merlin would magically appear out of no where, I don’t know how he did it. Our owner’s Mother was home with us all day and Merlin became attached to her. If Merlin wanted a drink, he would meow at our owner's Mother and she would get up and put fresh water in the bowl. Merlin would follow her Mother from room to room. Merlin loved to be in the company of his humans there was a magical aura when Merlin was with us.

Merlin, you will be missed and be forever in our hearts.

Totes Praisner and Family



Sugar Mendez


You were the cutest & sweetest German Shepherd ever.  Thanks for bringing me so much happiness.  You were a wonderful family member.  I miss you so much.  Enjoy playing pain free with your brother Chad.  You will be forever in my heart.

Love, Mom





From the first moment we met, we knew we were to be together.  She stood on top of a pile of puppies to get to my husband and me.  We brought her home and she immediately filled our home with happiness, joy, love, and laughter.  She opened our hearts and minds to the notion that it is not money or possessions that bring peace and happiness, but the love of family, friends, and precious pets.

Our lives have not been the same since she passed on July 6, 2010 - we miss here every second of every day.  She is always with us, however, when we pass by her favorite toy on the floor, the spot where she used to sleep in bed, the window she sat by to guard her house by and a million other memories we will forever cherish.  We still have her little sister, Veronica, whom Bette taught how to play, go outside and be a good girl.  We will be eternally grateful for the time we had with Bette and how she changed our lives for the better.

 Vickie Ponzo & Les Willerth



We wanted to thank you for the 12 1/2 years of joy he gave to us.  In September of 1997 we adopted a scared little Beagle named Barney from your shelter.  He showed obvious signs of abuse from his past and was very timid and scared of most everthing.  We had a rough first week with him and wondered if maybe we weren't the right fit for him.  Then we thought about what would happen to him if we gave him back.  He had already been in two other homes before ours.  We decided to keep him and that was the best decision we could have made.  I'm sad to say that we had to let him go to the doggie heaven on Sunday, March 14, 2010.  A large mass as found on his back and in a matter of days his organs started to shut down.  He gave us so much joy and he will be missed terribly.



What can I say about the Best Hound Dog there ever was?  You were the most loving and loyal 4 legged family member.  Also the cutest!  12 years with you was not enough.  I miss you terribly.  You will be forever in my heart.

- All my love always, Mom



I am writing to you in regards about our dearly beloved dog "Rudy". We adopted Rudy from your shelter in 2000. We had two children and had to make frequent relocations so we had promised them a dog when we landed in Elburn, Illinois. I do not recall how we found out about A.D.O.P.T. but we were blessed. After looking at all the dogs my daughter and I picked "Rudy". He was an older dog, about 5-7 years old, with special needs. He was blind in one eye. His foster mom was Lyn who took a lot of Dachshunds and he was a mix. We met her and instantly fell in love with Rudy. He had already been given the name and it fit perfectly. In 2002, due to my husband’s job we relocated to Brownsburg Indiana. On August 20th, 2009 Rudy lost the battle with old age.

The vet has always been amazed at Rudy because he was fighting liver and kidney failure for at least 2 years. We know he lived on LOVE. I just want you to know how much we have been blessed by the Adoption of Rudy and so thankful for all of you and the great things you continue to do. On Rudy’s collar still hangs the A.D.O.P.T. tag he received 9 years ago. I miss him so very much as well as my entire family. He was our "LITTLE BOY". Sincerely, Julie Jankowski


Daisy Enoch

Mark and Dawn Enoch loved all animals. They took excellent care of their pets, who had the run of the house. Dawn was a housewife and Mark was self-employed, and their animals were their children. Mark and Dawn passed away within a 10 month period of each other, and Daisy was taken in by A.D.O.P.T. Thanks to the staff at A.D.O.P.T. for loving Daisy, and making sure she was placed in the perfect home, after such a sad loss.

- Friends and Family of Mark & Dawn



Our special boy had to leave us on Aug 7, 2007 due to heart failure. We did everything we could to try to keep him with us longer but the Cardiologist at the U. of M. couldn’t save our Norman, although he really tried. He told us that there was too much heart damage.

Norman we are so sorry you had to leave us. We will remember your funny antics, and your smile forever, we love you so much.

Brad and Karen Eldevick



February 14, 2000 - June 29th 2007

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Baby Cupid

From the moment I saw you, I knew I was meant to be your mommy; it was love at first sight. Our sweet baby Cupid was a little firecracker, full of spunk and so much love and affection. We only had five years with out sweet baby, but in that short time she gave us a lifetime of love and happiness. Her true greatest joy was giving kisses to her mommy and daddy. My silly girl would even blow kisses (lick the air and try to reach our face) when she wanted us to kiss her. She will live in my heart forever. She is my heart! She will be missed as much as she was truly loved by us. We will love you forever Cupid, Ch Biancalana’s Queen of Hearts.

We were so very lucky to be blessed by you, my little angel. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Our forever love,

Mommy Michele, Daddy Jeff and Tiny Valentine Cole



Pappy was a unique bundle of personality. He enthusiastically expressed his likes and dislikes. Although he was curious and adventuresome, he relished napping in a cozy corner of the sofa. He loved long walks and Beggin’ Strips. We loved his cold nose, fluffy tail, protruding teeth, and independent spirit.

Pappy we miss you and will love you always.

Jack and Joyce



Nicky was a faithful companion and friend.

Thank you Tom and Judy for your generous donation.


For Bob

when the house is asleep
(I am awake for you)
I go through every closet
every drawer looking for your hair

(all night I search for a piece of you
that you left here for me)

these little white hairs covering everything
I pick them off your coat
rubbing them between my fingers
they fall like leaves

I don't know yet if I believe in heaven
but I believe in our heaven
one where you sit and look out of the top window

your white fur glowing in the screen's shadow
I watch you watching me in our heaven
with your head resting on the sill

I watch you watching me
your leftover little white fur in my hand
and your head, resting always on my window sill.

and all the dog lovers who have lost one too.
By: Alexandria Tannenbaum



We miss you everyday.

Mark and Cindy Dupuis


Ferris Griffin

Ferris was a loved 16 year old Fox Terrier (wire hair.) He loved his sister Lucy. Lucy is an 11 year old white miniature Schnauzer who we adopted in 1999. They were best friends until Ferris passed away on 9/25/04. We will miss him.

Jennifer and Jeff Griffin



In the short time you were with us, you created so many happy memories. We hope you loved being our "Boyfriend" as much as we loved having you as our kitty. We wish we could have seen you one last time.

Ray and Lisbeth Lopez



In memory of Dudley--10 years was too short.

Ray and Lisbeth Lopez



To Kim, Brian, Lily and Princess Neppl

In memory of Cole. . . may the loving memories of Cole help heal your hearts.


The Pfeiffers



They will not go quietly, the dogs who’ve shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.
Old habits still make us think we hear a barking at the door.
Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, and, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly.
And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts belongs to them. . .
And always will.

Laurie Byrne


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