Just a few of our thousands of success stories! It's all thanks to people like you who extend your hearts and homes to animals in need.


We adopted our sweet Lucy from your shelter on 10/18/16. We wanted to confirm that she graduated last night from Petsmart Pet Training Program. She successfully completed Puppy Education with flying colors. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She seems to have adjusted well to her new home. We love her dearly.



Hi, we adopted Jessie & wanted to share some pictures ofhow fabulous she is doing here. Stairs, treats, playing outside, beds &blankets are her favorites as well as cuddling on laps & going for carrides. 

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Willow (aka Bonnie), because she is absolutely amazing. I have a
heart condition, and Wills has started naturally alerting to drops in blood pressure, tachycardia/bradycardia, etc.
She has prevented me from fainting on so many occasions by letting me know when my BP is falling, and if I do
faint, she stands over me and tries to wake me up. Her alerts have helped me manage my condition so much, and
I can't believe how smart she is. Last week, I fainted and hit my head, and Willow had to come to the hospital with me. She was perfect in the ambulance and 100% brilliant in the ER. The nurses said she was the best patient they'd ever had!

I'm just so grateful to F&C for setting me up with Wills. She's the perfect companion. You guys are the best!

Annie and Willow

We adopted Ladybug and Dooglebug in 2011.  At the time we were considering adopting two dogs so that they could keep each other company.  We looked at the websites of various shelters and saw Doodlebug's face and then Ladybug's posted on your website.  We were told they needed to be adopted into the same home.  Perfect!  When we visited them in the shelter, they were in a separate room from all the other dogs and were extremely skittish and scared.  It took a few weeks in their new home to see their real personalities.  Lady, the lightweight, is in charge while Doodles goes with the flow.  Over the last few years they've gotten much more playful and comfortable with meeting new people.  We are grateful to A.D.O.P.T for saving these bugs and allowing us to adopt them into our family.

The Andres Family



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